OurHealth Media Network is a leading video content provider that produces health videos and original television programming. We specialize in producing culturally relevant videos that meet the needs of our clients by tailoring information and messages that foster health equity and equality.


But we don't stop there. 


We also provide a full array of professional video production services because we know that some information is best delivered live or captured at an event. 


So whether you are looking to educate patients, videotape a special event or film a corporate executive, we produce compelling videos and are ready to assist you with finding the right video solutions for your needs.


Lillian Preston is the founder, president and visionary behind OurHealth Media   Network. She started the company in 2004 based upon the need for health         information that adequately addressed the broad health disparities that exist in   our society.


Prior to starting the company, Preston held management positions in marketing 

and communications having served as the Director of Communications for the 

Detroit Empowerment Zone and the Vice President of Marketing for Procurement Resources, an Atlanta based supplier diversity consulting firm.


Preston spent the majority of her career working in television as a producer/

director at three major network affiliates – ABC, CBS and Fox where she directed news, produced special programs and was a major contributor to Emmy Award winning productions. Independently, Preston was Executive Producer of Supplier Diversity: A Business Imperative, It’s All About OurHealth, OurHealth Urban and Primary Care with Dr. Lonnie Joe.  Her programs focus on the health and well being of African Americans and have aired on PBS and Comcast stations in the Detroit market.


Preston earned her MBA from the University of Michigan and co-founded the University of Michigan Ross Business School Alumni Club of Southeastern Michigan. She received her bachelor's degree in telecommunication from Michigan State University where she also played collegiate basketball. A native of Syracuse, New York, Ms. Preston currently resides in Southfield, Michigan.




Fostering health equity and equality one video, one program at a time.